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Premiere Vision Paris Autumn Winter 09-10

Premiere Vision Autumn Winter 09-10

Colour trends for Autumn Winter 09-10

Ambiguous neutrality: - buff, mole, beige
High tension: - bright coral, teal, kaki, brown, aqua, green
Hyper Expression: - aubergine, purple, brown, aluminous green, pink, turquoise

Key trend predictions for Autumn Winter 09-10

Retro Modernity: - Styles of the 1920’s, with elements of old fashioned child-like softness.
● Dusky colours and a very vintage look.
●Lots of draping, layers and use of chiffon, not only for garments but also on accessories such as feather and chiffon corsages.
●Thick panels of lace as either decorative inserts, or thick high waistbands.
●Textured knits with subtle lurex sparkle or sequins, also chunky knits combined with fine viscose to add shine, and crochet with edges trimmed in lurex.
●Bags with belt buckles and garments fastened with both single and double buckles. Also sparkly buckles that have fabric threaded through to give the impression of a bow.
●Graphic beading in very pale feminine colours.

Alchimia: - Baroque alchemy of sophisticated materials.
●Very burlesque in style.
●A theme of gun-metal grey, with tiny black beading and either teal or dark purple as highlight colours.
●Patient leather, textured leather, snake skin, fur, velvet, mohair and studs- all very textured fabrics.
●Gold embroidery on vanishing fabric and pleated ribbon.
●Dark fur with teal in it, peacock feathers and spotted feathers giving a very sophisticated and luxurious look.
●Lots of different fastenings such as beaded clasps, zips, elaborate broaches, hook and eyes and Serpent fastenings very Art Nouveau in style.
Utopia: - Futuristic expressionism, techno couture.
●Red, black, white, grey and silver.
●Slightly 80’s look.
●Industrial materials, such as metal buckles, rivets, chains and plastic beads or buckles.
●Origami fabric, folded and pleated.
●Tweed with sequins sewn on, and tweeds cut-out in places and sewn onto knits.
●Furs either in red, black or dark grey, all very strong colours.
●Layered decoration of felt circles with sequins and beads, very 3D.

Fabric predictions for Autumn Winter 09-10

●Dark tartans with bright colours running trough them. Some in mohair, which had been brushed to tease out the treads and give a blurred effect to the structured fabric.
●Lace with embroidery in the same colour, in only specific areas. E.g. /. On a floral lace only the flower heads would be embroidered to created texture, volume and denseness to the transparent lace.
●Ribbons laced through knitted trims.
●Elastic embroidery on chiffon, mesh and knit to created a puckered fabric.
●Plain knit with lines embroidered over it in different colours o give the impression of tartan.
●chevrons in a combination of very chunk yarn and a very fine yarn in the same colour to create a rippled effect.
●Vanishing fabric embroidery.
●Cut-out felt sewn over a knitted base, with embroidery over the top (3 layers), in grey, red and purple.
●Pin-striped fabric, where the stripes are either fur or mohair (grey and white).
●Foil print over fur, with pieces of the fur sticking up and therefore distorting the print.

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