Monday, October 13, 2008

Paris Shop Trends

For a one stop fashion hit, L’Eclaireur in Le Marais never fails to disappoint, and is a good way to see well selected pieces from a wide range of high-end designers.
Lanvin had interesting all black pieces with layering and twisting of fabric and the placement of zips in unusual places.
Comme des Garcons (Tao line) featured many complicated tailored pieces in sombre colours, which were fairly fitted and combined with a big detail such as black felted jackets with ruffles and frills around the neck.
Rick Owens had many pieces of fine gauge knit and jersey in neutral colours. Along side these was a large cardigan knitted all in one. It was knitted in fine mohair on a 3g with large pointelle detail, combined with the same mohair knitted in a much tighter tension for ribs and dense knitted stripes up the back. Like many of his pieces it was long at the front and short at the back, and could be used as a wrap-around.
A continual theme throughout many of the collections were very low neck-lines and interesting details such as belt buckles used on the backs of jacket (buckles also were a key fastening feature at Premiere Vision).
Givenchy had a similar all black look, with again interesting shapes and draping of layers of fabric, with their key piece being a sophisticated bubble dress.

Dries Van Noten, provided the majority of colour for the shop, with floral embroidery consisting of spotted sequins that gradiate in colour, all of which bright, and layered over each other, with fabric embroidery for the stems (you could make yourself similar sequins with a punch-card and a coloured piece of plastic).

The other key pieces for the collection were mixed yarn cardigans with pointelle detail which were knitted loosely on a 3g to increase stitch size and were very ethnic, loose and bright.

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