Thursday, October 16, 2008

Learn To Make and Create Knit Design for Top Fashion Companies

Maybe you are a self taught handknitter, maybe your mother showed you how to crochet and you loved it or you’ve had design training but feel you’re not developing and can’t go any further?

Knit-1 has been selling one-off copyrighted designs and garments to all levels of the international fashion industry for over 15 years and we are offering the opportunity to jumpstart your vocation using our expertise.

If we show you how a traditional Fair Isle
knit is created, could you design the next
variation on the classic Ralph Lauren look?

If you can tie a knot you can knit a cable.
Cable fabrics have endless possibilities and are a wardrobe staple, in Part 1 we explore all.

Pointelle (lace knit) patterns have been used for centuries. We’ll start with the historicpatterns, understand them and use them to stunning effect a la this season McQueen.

For the first 8 weeks of the 12 weeks of this intensive course (you’ll put in more hours and get more tuition time than any degree course so it’s more economic with regards to fees and time!) you`ll learn a different technique, inspired by traditional knit fabrics such as Aran, pointelle, intarsia, jacquards, Fairisle and crochets, reinventing them making them more extreme, impactive and contemporary, crucially always with reference to how they are used right now in international fashion collections

Would you like to turn your skills into something wearable? We can show you how to use your style, enhance skills you have with everything you’ll learn on the Design Workshop you’ll be creating original textile designs.

The emphasis is not on copying what’s on the catwalk or on the High St, its on empowering your design process by giving you the technical skills then developing and experimenting until you have a truly unique portfolio.

Part 3 of the course is devoted to a project linked directly to Industry (previously U.K. retail giants Topshop) the feedback you gain from showing and selling your designs is infallible.

Where you take your new found skills is up to you, all our previous students have left with professional portfolios in their own style full of work comparable to any design in the shop windows of Paris, New York and London.
You don’t have to be a design student to come on the course, just have a passion for textiles and a willingness to learn.

See you in January!

Course Start Dates
Part 1 5tth -30th January 09
Part 2 2nd-27th February 09
Part 3 2nd-27th March 09


Anniki :) said...

It is something for me, but unfortunately I live too far away :(

Knit-1 said...

hey anniki,
We have taught past students from Canada, Switzerland and the U.S.and we can help find accomodation.
If you'd like more details our email addresses are on the website