Monday, June 9, 2008

Knit-1 Design Workshop

Knit-1 is pleased to present “Design Workshop”, a knitwear design course set in Brighton, UK, covering the principal techniques and their application in contemporary knit design for fashion.

The Knit-1 Design Workshop provides intensive high quality machine knitting and design training, along with visits from guest speakers, inspiration and fashion study trips. Students have the opportunity to view the diverse sample collections and experience the creative environment at Knit-1. Students will also participate in weekly reviews of their work with feedback given by the directors of the company. The course duration is 30 hours per week over 12, 8, or 4 week sessions.

The last four weeks of the course is taught in collaboration with a noted fashion retailer. Students design within a project brief provided by the retailer, and will have the opportunity to present and sell the work that they produce within the course. The January 2008 session was sponsored and successfully received by UK retailer, Top Shop.

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About Knit-1

Formed in 1992 by Richard Dykes and Sue Enticknap, Knit-1 is well established as one of the top fashion textile design companies selling to the industry at all levels of the market and offering design workshops.

The directors of Knit-1 and its highly skilled team of designers and technicians are dedicated to supplying customers with ever changing, beautiful and original fashion textiles incorporating the best quality of design, make and finish.

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